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How to get to Mas de la Falaise?

Here is how to get to your holiday villa (No. 4)
located on the cliffs of Leucate

To reach the villa follow the directions outlined by the red arrows on map.

  • Exit the A9 motorway at exit marked "LEUCATE" - Direction Port-Leucate Port-Barcarès.
  • When you arrive at the 1st sign indicating Leucate-Plage / Leucate Village, ignore the road leading to Leucate Village on your right and continue straight on towards Leucate-Plage.
  • Continue along the road running next to the Etang (lagoon), which is on your right until you reach a roundabout.
  • Turn left towards Leucate-Plage / Leucate Village, then turn right direction Leucate-Plage.
  • Continue straight on with the Etang (lagoon) on your right. In front, you will see the Leucate cliffs (Falaise de Leucate) and the Falaise de Leucate villas.
  • Ignore the first 2 roads on your left and continue straight ahead towards Leucate-Plage, the road is bordered with pine and palm trees on the right hand side.
  • Then on your left, you will see a side road. Just after the no-entry sign turn left and take the street that goes uphill.
  • Go straight on (Avenue du Semaphore), ignoring the two right roads on the right.
  • On the left you will see a sign: "Impasse Saint-Pierre". Do not take it but start to slow down as you have arrived. On the left wall in front you will see an iron sign with writing “Mas de la Falaise" (please be aware that it is possible the sign may be hidden by vegetation).
  • Continue straight on and immediately on the left you will find a small car park. Your parking space is in between the two locust trees.
  • The stairs leading to your apartment are the first ones on the left.
  • At the bottom of the stairs there is a "4" and at the top, a wooden gate.

That's it! You have arrived!